Multiple Reasons For Feeding Rhodes Grass to Farm Animals

Rhodes Grass

A shortage for the feed and drought can become your worst nightmare if you own an animal farm. Your castles require a proper amount of nutrition in a fooder for a balanced diet. Sraemco international is a Rhodes grass supplier in Pakistan, and we can understand your fears.

The supply of Rhode grass hay is linked with animal health. This will also affect the efficiency of cattle to produce more milk and meat for your need. You are unable to predict whether your farm animals are getting enough nutrients daily or not.

In the last few years, Rhodes grass export from Pakistan sees a severe boom. It is becoming popular in many regions of the world like Europe, Australia, and the UAE. If you are unable to predict the upcoming year’s rainfall, there is a way to store enough fodder for your cattle through Rhodes grass hay.

It is a wonderful feed for buffalos, bulls, and the cows. Saremco international increased its Rhodes grass yield per acre in Pakistan, so; we can provide you with feedstock whole year.

Why choose Rhodes grass over other feeds?

Like Human need Wheat and rice for nutrients, Rhodes grass hay does the same with animals. Comparatively to other countries, Price in Pakistan is comparatively lower, making us the best exporter for you.

It is more palatable than other grasses that we usually feed our animals. On the other hand, it has more nutrients and protein content than other fooders so, if you are thinking of providing your farm animals with a better feed than choss Saremco as your Rhodes grass suppliers.

This will suggest you fulfil the grass requirements of your cows. Rhodes grass in Pakistan has higher nutritional values. Boma Rhodes grass is one of a kind, and it is rare to find as well. Pakistan is one of the biggest exporters of this grass.

Benefits That comes with Rhodes grass

It is a grass which is fed to animals in both dry and fresh forms. Rhodes grass is also known as tropical grass, which is very health positive cattle. It is grown in sub-tropical countries like Pakistan, and you can quickly get it throughout the year.

This is a kind of feed that you can even store for a whole year and more. Saremco International Rhodes grass hay analysis shows that this feed can be used up to 16 months if appropriately stocked. There are various benefits of storing Rhode grass, and they are following.

Multiple Cultivations

If you grow your own grass, then it is better to use Dyna Rhodes Tolgar grass seed. It is one of the famous types of Rhodes grass seed, and you can cultivate it for up to 3 years.

Sowing it one time can give you around 8-10 cuts in a whole year, and that is a lot. It will not require any extra work from your side as well.

Short Cutting Period

We have discussed earlier that Rhodes grass provides you at least 8-10 cuttings every year. This means you can cut it in a circle of 35 days. You don’t require any extra fertilizers to grow it.

Minimum water usage

This grass needs the supply of water to grow again. This means that you have to provide it with a sufficient amount of water to grow again. It does not require a whole lot of water to grow again. Just a minimal water supply will do the work.

Best seed

To grow a perfect grass, you will require the seed of Dyna a category of Rhodes Grass. It will help you to obtain one of the most remarkable feed for your animals.

This grass will provide you with the perfect shape of the plant, and the grass cut as well. You can grow it on any land.

No need to worry about pests

One of the best things you can get from Duna Rhodes grass is to combat pests and other insects easily. This means that you don’t have to pay any extra dime to protect it from pests. This will protect your crop at every stage of cultivation.

Very palatable

One of the most palatable grass to feed your animals. It can be provided to various farm animals like cows, buffalos, bulls, and goats. This means you won’t have to use different feeds for every animal if you have multiple animal farms.

It improves your soil structure.

You can easily get almost over 250 mounds of production in this hay straw.  It allows you to produce it on farms throughout the year. It also helps you to restore the structure of your soil, which other grasses do not.