Alfalfa hay or loosen hay is one of the best sources to provide fibre and protein to your animals. It is also known as legumes hay. People who own farm animals know the importance of this hay. There is a big demand for Alfalfa hay in Pakistan. 

Pakistan has perfect weather conditions to grow Lucerne (Alfalfa Hay). If you want to compare hay with grass then believe us there is no comparison.  Hay has high protein, minerals, and vitamin values. Alfalfa cultivation in Pakistan is now increasing exponentially.

It is an excellent source of energy for animals. It is one of the best nutritionist standpoints if cure properly. You can feed alfalfa hay to all your farm animals including goats, cows, horses, sheep, and hens.

Alfalfa Hay Exporters

Alfalfa hay By Saremco International

Right now, alfalfa hay is in demand for both international and domestic markets. Saremco international is one of the largest alfalfa hay exporters from Pakistan. Pakistani Alfalfa hay contains more nutritional values than any other grass or hay available in the market. This is one of the best hay for sale in Pakistan.

It has low fiber content in it and more calcium and proteins.Hay will help the cattle breeders to increase milk production by cows. Saremco international provides its customers with the best quality alfalfa hay in multiple origins of the world. Here at Saremco International, we manage every order with precision.

We always pay proper attention to our customer’s needs, and every order, processing, storage, and booking is manage with precision.  Saremco doesn’t compromise on the quality of the product and our service, no matter the order is more significant or small.

We always keep the highest standards for our products. We also take care of all extra content mix with this hay during the tracing of chemicals and pesticides. All these steps are look after carefully so our customers get the best quality alfalfa hay.

Alfalfa Hay Exporters

Packaging of Alfalfa Hays at Saremco International

Alfalfa hay Exporters had always pack them in bales. The same procedure is followed by Saremco international as well. These sizes configure Alfalfa hay price in Pakistan. We pack them in three different types of bales that we are going to discuss below. All these bales are shipped at 40 feet container price in Pakistan


Regular Bales

This is a kind of hay that does not require an extra packing house. This is provide by all animal feed companies in Pakistan. These bales are produced on the field at the time of wheat harvest. This packaging is famous and mostly use in the market. Saremco international follow all the standards for making regular bales and preserving Wheat straws.

Double Compress bale

In this packaging, the regular bales are compressed further in a machine to make smaller alfalfa hay bales. Mostly this type of packaging is done when exporting hay to another country. This will occupy less space in the container but the same volume of alfalfa hay.

Large size bales

Saremco also provides large bale alfalfa in Pakistan, which are approximately more than 100 kg. These Alpha alpha grass hay bales are produce to satisfy those customers who require an intermediate size of bales.

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Modern Ways To Grow Alfalfa Hay At Saremco

Saremco is always trying to keep up with the pace of Modern ways. We cultivate Alfalfa hay at our farms with the latest Korean machinery. We use these machines to harvest this hay and also make bundles.

Saremco international knows the value of modernization. Our organization has experience personals who look after all alfalfa hay production procedures. They use new methods to grow better quality as one of the best alfalfa suppliers.

Saremco International is among one of the best Alfalfa hay exporters in Pakistan. Our other animal forage product like Wheat Straw, Rhodes Grass Hay, and Corn Silage are top exporting products from Pakistan. We provide our customers with the best quality products. Right now, we are exporting our hay to UAE, Central Asia, Europe, and South Korea. We serve the most trusted products in the market.

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