ABOUT Corn Silage

Corn silage is a high-quality forage of crop used on almost every dairy farm and beef cattle farms worldwide as best feeding straw for animals. Its popularity is due to the high amount yielding of a very digestible, best-quality energy crop. The ease of adapting it to mechanized harvesting and feeding is another plus point for this crop.

Silage is one of the popular forages used for animal feed because of its digestibility and high energy. Many of the characteristics of this silage make it attractive for many livestock producers. It is an excellent forage for dairy cows.


Silage Export from Pakistan by Saremco International all over the world. We offer one of the best quality Corn silage in Pakistan. We offer the most reasonable corn silage prices for other exporters in the market.

Corn silage export from Pakistan


At Saremco International we make a detailed plan for the production of Corn silage. We are one of the best silage manufacturers in Lahore. It is an essential component to make silage corn efficient cropping system. Our cropping plan is based on forage dry matter requirements. It helps us a lot in harvesting, drying, storing, and chopping corn silage. It is one of the best strategies to produce premium quality silage to export.

Saremco plants silage corn seeds at the start of the season. We look after crops regularly and keep it safe from stress like drought, insects, or diseases. It helps us a lot to get a high yield.

The crop gives livestock producers a high-yielding, relatively more consistent source of forage. The farm animals with a highly digestible require palatable feed. This hay is one of those farm animals feeds that produce more acres than any other crop grown in Pakistan.

Chopping corn silage


Saremco Desired plant population for silage is dependent on the productivity of the seed and the Soil. We choose both of these elements very carefully. Generally, the silage crops population should be around 2,000 to 4,000 plants per acre than the recommended amount for grain.

It often results in the desired stand of 26,000 to 32,000 plants per acre on most soils at Saremco farms with the best corn silage harvest methods. 

We have higher plant populations in this range. It is best suited to the most productive soils. We use a two-year trial conducted in Pakistani Soil to indicate that silage yields are maximized at 42,000 plants per acre. Still, the estimated yields/acre, whole Corn plant digestibility were maximized at 30,000 plants per acre by Saremco and provide less corn silage price in Pakistan.



Corn Silage Exporters

Bundling and storing

Our Corn silage Bundling and Packaging criteria are second to none. While packaging silage, we make sure that its nutrients don’t get wasted. At Saremco international, we bundle it in 80 KG round shape bale. After making bale are wrapped with plastic film, so its nutrients don’t get wasted. This Packaging technique makes it easy to transport and minimize any wastage.



Before exporting, we keep silage stored in our warehouses. Here it is stored at the proper temperature without any sun exposure. Saremco International Corn silage can be stored for up to 3 years. 



average corn silage yield per acre

Enhance your livestock’s nutrition and ensure their optimal health with our high-quality Corn Silage Hay for sale, brought to you by trusted dealers Saremco and Agrithing. Our corn silage hay is carefully harvested, processed, and packaged to provide superior nutrition and taste for your animals.

ABOUT Corn Silage


We export A+ quality of Wheat straw with controlled moisture.


We provide the services with customized packing as per customer’s requirement.



Name Details
Product Name Corn Silage
Use Animal Consumption, Animal Bedding
Color Yellowish Green
Origin Pakistan
MOQ 100 tons
Moisture 65%
Admixture None
Crude Protein 8.5%
Model Name Saremco Silage #001



Packaging details

Name Details
Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ) 100 tons
Payment Options LC/TT
Packaging Style bales or as per customer requirement
Bale Weight 400kg, 600kg, 800kg, 1000kg
Container HQ (ft) 40 feet
Bales per Container depends on the bale type
Organic Fresh Food
Farm Fresh
Organic Food
The Farmer


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is corn silage?

Corn silage is a type of hay, or animal feed, made from the entire corn plant. The plant is harvested while still green, then chopped into small pieces and fermented, which helps to preserve it and improve its digestibility for livestock.

What is the significance of corn silage in livestock feeding?

Corn silage is an important feed for dairy and beef cattle. It contains high energy and improves digestibility. It provides a balanced source of fiber, protein, and energy.

How is corn silage produced in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, Corn Silage production follows a similar process to other parts of the world. The entire corn plant is harvested when the grains are at the right moisture level, typically around 65-70%. It’s then chopped and packed into a silo or a pit, where it ferments and is preserved for future use.

How significant is silage export from Pakistan?

Pakistan has a flourishing agricultural sector is known for exporting various crops. The Silage Export from Pakistan has grown due to its quality and cost-effectiveness in recent years. It has become a significant contributor to the country’s economy.

Who are the main buyers of Pakistan's silage export?

The main buyers of Pakistan’s silage export are typically countries with significant dairy and beef farming industries, such as countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Why choose Saremco International as a corn silage exporter?

Saremco International is known for its commitment to quality and reliability. They ensure that the corn silage they export is highly nutritional, properly fermented, and preserved. Plus, they have a wide network, supplying large volumes of silage globally.

Organic Fresh Food
Farm Fresh
Organic Food
The Farmer

People Also Asked

How is corn silage used in livestock feeding?

Corn silage is a high-energy, fermentable feed for dairy and beef cattle. It provides a nutritious and palatable feedstuff that can be stored and used throughout the year. It is especially beneficial in the dairy industry as it supports milk production.

What is the status of silage export from Pakistan?

Pakistan is an emerging player in the international silage market. With a large agricultural base and favorable climate for corn production, the country is increasingly exporting silage, including corn silage, to countries in the Middle East, Asia, and beyond.

How does corn silage export?

Corn silage is exported by packaging in airtight, moisture-resistant bags or containers to maintain its quality during transportation. The silage is then shipped to various international markets. The export process adheres to international standards and regulations to ensure the silage's safety and quality.

What are the challenges in the silage export business from Pakistan?

Challenges in the silage export business from Pakistan include fluctuating market prices, meeting international quality standards, and logistical issues related to packaging and transportation. Additionally, unpredictable weather conditions can affect corn growth, impacting the quality and quantity of silage production