How Wheat Straw is traded worldwide?


This animal feed is extracted from the crop of wheat. After the harvest of the wheat crop, the remaining part of its stem is used as animal feed known as Wheat Straw. These straws go through a series of processes to become a proper animal feed. 

Wheat straw is one of those animal feeds that are easily available everywhere in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of those countries that grow wheat at the mass level. Right now, Pakistan is the 7th largest wheat producer in the world. 

Pakistani Wheat straw is demanded worldwide as animal feed. The main reason behind it is that it is cheap and holds great beneficial properties for farm animals. It contains more Vitamins and Minerals and has a sufficient amount of protein as well. 

About its Cultivation

As we have discussed earlier that Wheat straw is not a product. It is a by-product of the wheat crop. This means it can only be gotten after the harvesting of the wheat crop. Over 80% of Pakistan Punjab farmers grow Wheat once a year.

This means that Pakistan produces a sufficient supply of Wheat straw every year to use domestically and for export. It is one of those agricultural products that don’t go bad easily. So, if you provide a proper area for Wheat Straw you can use it for more than a year.

Pakistan has used one of the most unique ways to destroy this straw in the Past by burning it. But now people use it to make animal feed. Many companies are exporting Wheat straw internationally from Pakistan in countries like UAE, Africa, and Russia.   

Online Trade

All exporters of Wheat straw have made it one of their hot products to sell internationally. The only reason is that countries like the UAE where ground don’t grow sufficient feed for animals are one of the biggest buyers. 

As in Pakistan, this Product does not worth much but in other countries, you can make a sufficient profit from it. Just like other companies Saremco international also uses Wheat straw as one of the hot products. 

Saremco International gets Wheat straw supply from their own farms which shows that we have held on to every step of quality exchange. From cutting to making compressed bales Saremco International takes care of each part carefully.

Make an order online

You can simply place an order to buy Wheat straw for export at Saremco online. We provide our customers with that facility on our website. You can simply place an order online by filling a simple informational form. After that our team will contact you.

If you want to contact us directly you also got the option to check in with us through Whatsapp. We have provided a dedicated option for Whatsapp inquiries on our website as well. 

Make a deal

After a proper conversation with our salesperson if the customer agrees to payments and its terms we provide them with all the details of the product which include Nutritional Values of the Product and Packaging details which are the following. 

Packaging details

Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ)20 tons
Payment OptionsLC/TT
Packaging Style16 – 30 Kg/bale or as per customer requirement
Container Loading Weight16 – 22 M Ton / Container
Container HQ (ft)40 feet
Number of Bales per containerAs per the Bale size/weight


Nutritional Value

ComponentsPercentage (%)
Dry matter89 to 94
Metabolizable energy mcal/lb0.67
Acid detergent fiber5.4
Cellulose33.7 to 40
Hemicellulose21 to 26
Lignin11 to 22.9
Ash7 to 9.9
Silica and Silicates4.5 to 5.5
Relative Feed Value62


Documents required

Just like every trade, Wheat straw also requires proper documentation. Following documents will be required to make a smooth trade internationally from Pakistan. 


  • First of all, we need a proper Customs Entry document to make a deal.
  • The bill of Customs bond is next in line.
  • For undertaking legal issue you will require Legal Undertaking (LUT)
  • If the Following country requires Customs declarations wherever it is applicable or necessary.
  • Saremco will provide shipping companies with Export Licence if applicable
  • To make the payment we will generate a Purchase order or Letter of Credit under the name of the customer.
  • Then we will provide our customer with a Commercial Invoice cum packing list which will cater to all the details of the product. 
  • The Certificate of Origin will be attached with documents to prove the Wheat straw is directly shipped from Pakistan.
  • This will secure all kind of details and payment terms through Insurance Certificate

In the End, Shipment is Key

Shipment will be provided according to our custom order. The order that is more than 28 tons will be catered to in the FCL shipment. Fewer weight orders will be sent in LCL containers and it costs more.