From our own farms, we harvest the finest quality of animal forage. Our profile provides all the information that our customers require.


What I cherish most about SAREMCO International is the wealth that our projects bring to the community and to our clients. From the first day of planning the project, we connect to the community. We connect to the environment in which the project is about to be placed. Saremco laid the stone in 2004.  The mission to serve the global community with trust, professionalism, & cooperation with my experience. I have more than 16 years of experience in the international and local agriculture community.

We feel that besides the business, we are there for the people that will benefit from the project, both directly and indirectly, starting from our client and its personnel up to the service suppliers and the consumers.  Our professional knowledge and experience in Agriculture and its by-products are our strengths. We strongly believe to uphold the suave of SAREMCO International on the same pattern.

“We look beyond the business and develop a connection with the client that is both caring and professional”



Muhammad Arif CEO SAREMCO
Saremco History

Our History

Saremco International is an initiative of our best team, which is our most valuable asset. It consists of first-class professional managers with cumulative experience. We have a “One Team” attitude and approach to work, we engage equally and efficiently to deliver the best agriculture products to our clients. Although we have a pragmatic drive for action, our approach is also friendly and down to earth, as we collaborate with both international organizations and the local communities to achieve the goals of customer satisfaction. We care about the relationships we build with our clients and members of the community. Just as much as we care about getting things done.

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Saremco Portfolio

Saremco Portfolio

Established in 2004, SAREMCO International is related to SAREMCO Group. SAREMCO International specializes in the production and trading of agricultural products worldwide. SAREMCO International collaborates with local population; engaging them in provincial agricultural operations by creating job opportunities during the production. SAREMCO International is an A to Z leading Agro-industrial company with the capacity to adjust itself to the conditions in each country. SAREMCO International manages diverse farming and livestock projects impacting the lives of every related being, and is committed to providing people with new opportunities. Ambitious plans and the vision of a strong and modern business partner are being successfully achieved and SAREMCO International is now expanding into new projects. Modern trends in the field of agriculture, crop cultivation, and subsequent trading and processing of agricultural crops are considered by SAREMCO International’s management as the basis of a successful long-term strategy.

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Vision Saremco


Our vision is to be a leader in the trade of agricultural products, with a focus on the establishment of agricultural farms, sales, and marketing of agricultural products and improve Saremco profile.

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It is really nice to trade with saremco international, as they provide every information in details and also are very helpful in packaging and handling of the products until delievered.

Mr. Smith

very good products.

Mr. Smith