All Information About Rhodes Grass

Rhodes Grass hay

How to grow Rhodes grass in Pakistan?

Rhodes grass hay is also known as the Chloris gayana, is one of the best grass to feed farm animals. It is multiple species of grass-like, some other grasses like perennial grasses. This grass is mostly found in Africa, but now many other countries also cultivate and export this grass. 

Rhodes grass cultivation in Pakistan is a concise term. It is one of those crops which can prepare under one month. Rhodes grass has a quick harvesting time and also has more leaf density. 

It cultivates in bare land and can grow up to 3-5 meters. This makes it more tolerable in drought. It can quickly be grown in an area that has 20 to 35-degree centigrade temperature. It is sown around 1 cm deep in the soil when cultivating. 

Rhode grass wildly cultivates in West countries and Europe nowadays. It has a very high surviving temperature, which makes it a perfect product for export. Rhodes grass export from Pakistan is also becoming Popular. You can quickly increase Rhodes grass yield per acre in Pakistan with little care.

This is a tropical grass which requires moisture, and Pakistan weather is perfect for it. This crop can be used as a supplement to the saline. It is salty and bare soil with a high ph-value.

Is Rhodes grass suitable for horses?

It is a unique spice grass that grows mostly in tropical areas. It has a low amount of oxalate in it, making them a perfect feed for your horses. But one thing should be kept in mind that the other diet of your horse has balanced nutrients.

This grass is more consistent and easy to find in your area. It has low sugar content as well as low starch. This means that it is a great choice to feed the horse and generate any health issues. 

Suppose you are a horse breeder, then you will know that for IR horses, sugar and starch level should be less than 10% in their feed. There is only one disadvantage of Rhodes grass hay: its digestibility decreases as the moisture decline in this grass. 

Rhodes grass price in Pakistan has more moisture content than any other countries Rhodes grass. This makes it a perfect feed for your horses. 

How to plant Rhodes grass?

There are three ways to Plant Rhodes grass in Pakistan. All these ways depend upon your preference. Rhodes grass Pakistan is among the best quality plant grass, and that’s why its demand in the international market is increasing. 


  • Direct Sowing


Direct sowing to require a nurse to cover up crops of Rhodes grass. You will need two ploughings and three harrowing to direct sow this grass. You can start its sowing as early as the rainy season starts. This way, you can eliminate annual weed and can harvest it in the dry season.


  • Under Sowing


In this method, you will require a nursery or coverup to sow the grass. This is a way in which boma Rhodes grass is grown together with a pasture. You will use economic land for this plantation of Rhodes grass. After maturing, you can cut it, and its pasture remains till at least three years.


  • Over Sowing


This method is to improve Rhodes grass pasture. It will help the farmer to increase the productivity of natural forage. It is a more efficient and cost-effective way of planting Rhodes grass and improving its pasture. 

What is Rhodes grass used for?

Being a Rhodes grass supplier in Pakistan, you should know where this grass can be use and your target market. Rhodes grass cultivation is a different process, and selling it is another. 

Rhodes grass export from Pakistan is now becoming more and more popular with each passing day. You can use Rhodes grass for goats, horses, cows, and other farm animals. Being a Rhodes grass supplier, you must possess the latest machiner to harvest it and make its bundle.

 When you do Rhodes grass hay analysis and how it benefits your farm animals, you can simply check their performance. Even cows that eat Rhodes grass produce more milk than those who didn’t eat Rhodes grass.