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Latest Technology of Heat Treatment & Disinficted Mashines

Saremco is pleased to introduce the first-ever forage disinfection facility in Pakistan. By getting rid of hazardous pathogens and keeping our forages’ nutritional value intact, this ground-breaking method guarantees the best quality and safety for our products.

The facility employs a multi-stage process that includes steam action, advanced frame line systems, and rotary thermal treatment chambers. A complete and efficient disinfection process is ensured by this novel combination.


Operational Excellence

Saremco understands demand of consistent quality and competitive rating are paramount for its customers. That’s why our team has committed to operational excellence in every phase of the process, from scrupulous harvesting to effective delivery.


International Export System

Saremco compromises on a comprehensive and meticulously managed international export system designed to deliver a superior customer experience. We handle every aspect of the process, i.e., booking, storing, quality control, shipping, and ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of high-quality forages to the designated port.

Strategic Warehouse Network

Strategic Warehousing Network: Ensuring Efficient Distribution

Saremco has an extensive warehousing infrastructure to assure a consistent supply of premium forages and efficient order contentment. Our state-of-the-art (Pakistan Export Forage Complex) contains main warehouse is located in Ahmedpur Sharqia, South Punjab, Pakistan. This facility is furnished with advanced technology to keep optimal storage conditions, preserving the freshness and nutritional value of our forages. Saremco maintains a network of local warehouses throughout South Punjab. This decentralized approach allows for rapid loading, expedited shipping, and efficient distribution a year round supply of forage regardless of seasonal fluctuations.

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