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From our own mining sites, we export finest quality Raw Materials.

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SAREMCO International is a leading exporter of natural mining products from Pakistan, renowned for its abundant mineral resources. The company specializes in exporting a wide range of minerals, including chromite, cobalt, and gemstones, ensuring each product meets stringent quality standards. SAREMCO sources these minerals from rich deposits across Pakistan, emphasizing purity and consistency. With robust logistics and a reliable supply chain, SAREMCO International efficiently delivers these natural mining products to international markets, supporting various industrial sectors and contributing to global economic growth.

Chromite ore

SAREMCO International is a prominent exporter of high-quality chromite ore, a vital mineral used in various industrial applications, especially in the production of ferrochrome for stainless steel manufacturing. With a commitment to excellence, SAREMCO International sources chromite ore from rich deposits and ensures rigorous quality control measures during extraction and processing. Our chromite ore is known for its high chromium content and low impurity levels, making it highly sought after in international markets. By maintaining strong logistics and supply chain networks, SAREMCO International efficiently delivers chromite ore to clients around the globe, supporting the industrial and economic growth of multiple sectors.

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It is really nice to trade with saremco international, as they provide every information in details and also are very helpful in packaging and handling of the products until delievered.

Mr. Smith

very good products.

Mr. Smith


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