Our Reputation

We build trust through action: Our reputation is our work. We engaged quality throughout the supply chain, invest in top-notch facilities (Pakistan Export Forage Complex), and empower an enthusiastic team. Every interaction supports our commitment to excellence and builds trust with our valued consumers.

Quality is our Promise

Quality: Trust Us.

Saremco’s wide-ranging network of reliable farmers consents us to consistently source and deliver top-quality forages year-round. Saremco implements quality procedures and protocols at each phase from harvesting to shipment, guaranteeing the consistent delivery of premium quality forages. World can trust us.


Saremco is delivering premium A-grade forage at an unbeatable price compared to competing countries, providing customers with superior performance and affordability.

Saremco History

Traceability Standards

Our commitment to traceability provides complete peace of mind. Saremco traceability system tracks every step of the forage journey,
and maintain standards during Farming, Harvesting, Purchasing, and Compressing, packaging, storing, loading/unloading and outbound trucking.

Seamless Logistics

Saremco understands the value of seamless logistic process. Our logistics experts are dedicated to crafting a smooth and effective delivery experience for every customer from sea and port to port transportation. Our annual delivery volume of over 50,000 MT exhibits our established presence in the global market.


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We always welcome your inquiries, please feel free to contact us for any further information.

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