Long Wheat Straw Hay


Long Wheat Straw Hay



Saremco is one of the largest Wheat waste supplier in Pakitan. We are among the list of best animal feed companies in Pakistan. We offer the best quality Wheat straw hay for export. Saremco offer Hay straw with a maximum protein content that ranges from 6 to 8%.  The fibre content in our wheat bhusa caries from 27 to 65%. We have analyzed our wheat straw supplies at a feed testing laboratory, then checked by ration balancing to meet the farm animals’ needs for each stage.

In general, wheat waste has better quality than any other hay and straws. This means that we offer premium quality Wheat straw in the market. We specialize in year-old straw bulk export which is more palatable and fresh wheat waste suppliers knows that. We also deal in Year-old straw, which is often found to be more palatable than fresh Wheat straw. Deal with best Wheat Straw exporters.

Saremco Wheat Straw

At Saremco International we make sure that our customers get a high-quality product. Our grinding process is top-notch. Our palatable Wheat straw waste will increase your farm animal daily intake. With other hay straws, your animal requires some additional proteins. But, our bale of wheat straw helps your animal to get more proteins in single eating. That is the only reason that we are leading wheat straw exporters in Pakistan. We offer the toori price in Pakistan. To check wheat straw chopper price in Pakistan You can visit our website. We got the most advance wheat straw baler machine in Pakistan.

Saremco’s  Wheat straw can include up to 75% of a cow’s diet if supplemented correctly. On the other hand, a low-quality might make up just 50% of a farm animal diet. Wheat Straw is digested at a slower rate than other hay. This way, a cow can consume less straw. The general ratio to consume is a maximum of 1.25% of her body weight than hay daily.

Saremco offers Long Wheat Straw Hay for Bulk buy and for wheat bhusa price. To know about how many metric ton in 40 feet container contact us.

Name Values
Type Straw
Variety Wheat
Place of Origin Pakistan
Color Bright Golden Yellow
Moisture (%) 5.0 – 6.0 % Max
Crude Protein (%) 2.0 – 3.0 %
Admixture (%) 0.0 % (None)
Total Aflatoxin(ppb) 10.0 %
Total Endophyte (ppb) 0.0 % (Endophyte free)