Corn Silage


Corn Silage

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Corn Silage is one of the popular forages used for animal feed. Its quick digestible and high-energy properties make it excellent fodder for farm animals. Saremco International is one of the leading Corn Silage export from Pakistan.  We offer one of the best quality Corn silage in Pakistan. We offer the most reasonable corn silage prices regarding other exporters in the market. 

Corn Silage by Saremco

Saremco International plant high-quality silage corn seed into the soil to increase its production. We choose perfect soil farms for the cultivation of corn crop. Generally, estimated silage crop cultivation is between 20,000 to 40,000 plants per acre. Our average plant population in per acre area is around 30,000 plants which means our yield is greater. We are offering the best silage price per ton in Pakistan.

We all know that what is corn silage used for? But there are many other uses that you can get from Saremco International silage. We use a two-year trial conducted in Pakistani Soil to indicate that silage yields are maximized at 42,000 plants per acre. Still, the estimated yields/acre, whole Corn plant digestibility were maximized at 30,000 plants per acre by Saremco and provide less corn silage prices when trading. 

Packaging and Storing

Saremco International pays proper attention to every single detail when it comes to Packaging and storing Corn silage. We pack our corn silage in 80 KG round bails and wrap it with plastic film. Then we store it in our warehouse before shipping. Saremco International Corn silage can be stored for up to 3 years. These characteristics make us one of the best Corn Silage exporters from Pakistan. We offer the best 40 feet container price in Pakistan. If you are wondering how many metric ton in 40 feet container? our sales team will guide you better.

Saremco offers high-Quality Corn Silage for export.

Type:Corn Silage
Variety:Grain Hay
Cattle, Horse, Pig, Sheep, Goat
Admixture (%):Non
Moisture (%):70%
35 kg 80 kg 400 kg 1000 kg Bale
Stored in Milled Temperature
Color:Natural Golden Yellow