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Seasonal Straws are the residue of crops consisting of the dry stems and leaves. They are left after the harvest of legumes, cereals, and other crops. These straws are available in various quantities, usually almost half the harvestable vegetation Crop. They are highly fibrous that is not digestible by humans. On the other hand, straws have an essential role in agriculture and rural societies. we use them for numerous purposes.

Straws, stovers, and chaff have many different uses within the farm economy. They are very useful for profitability in livestock feeding. There are many Non-agricultural uses of straws, which include biofuel, construction, crafts, clothing, paper, etc. In farming, we use them as an integral part of large-scale farming, as feed and also for the production of manure. It is essential to soil fertility until the advent of inorganic fertilizers and mechanization. 

Seasonal straws by Saremco

In different developing countries, Seasonal straws are considered for little value that they were usually burnt in the field. A practice that ceases the other procedures with environmental legislation and the development to improve straw digestibility. In small-scale farming, the importance of straws is that it never stops and even grows more due to less access to free grazing. Here at SAREMCO International, we offer different kinds of seasonal straws and export them worldwide. 


Mong Straw

At Saremco International, we offer the best quality Mong staw for export. The protein content of our Mong straws ranges from one to eight percent. Our fiber content varies from 25 to 65 percent. The Mong straw supplies analyzed at a feed testing laboratory, then it goes for balancing to meet the farm animals’ needs.

In general, Mong straw has better feed quality than any other straws. Our straw has better quality than any other Mong straw in the market. We also deal in Year-old straw, which is often found to be more palatable than fresh Mong straw. Good quality Mong straw can include up to 75% of a cow’s diet if feed correctly. A low-quality Mong straw might make up just 50% of a farm animal diet. The Straw is digestible at a slower rate than hay. This way, a cow can consume less straw. The general ratio to consume is a maximum of 1.25% of her body weight than other hay daily.


Peanut Straw

Peanut is the major oilseed that Pakistan produces. At harvesting, large quantities of leaves and stem of Peanut hay become available for feeding of livestock. According to some extensive studies, Peanut hay as a partial substitute for concentrates in the ration of milk cows and other farm animals. In large parts of Pakistan, Peanut straw is commonly fed to many different farm animals, especially cows.

The DCP value of Peanut straw is superior to others that are non-leguminous hays. It is comparable to that of the leguminous hay of cowpea or Chickpeas hay. In energy value, as to represent by Saremco International, Peanut straw is superior to most of the other grass hays. This hay can be safely given alone or along with wheat bran, and wheat straw to meet the fundamental nutritional requirements of cows and other milk-producing animals to increase production up to 5 kg daily.


Chickpeas Straw

Chickpea straw is one of the main by-products, it is grown in large amounts after the chickpea grain crop season is over. There is a piece of minimal information about its nutritional value. This experiment done by Saremco International determines the fiber and non-fiber component, dry matter degradability, and (ME) of chickpea straws.

We offer the best quality Chickpea Straw, which is an important grain legume for its edible seeds. This plant quickly branches able, quick-growing, and reaches a height between 20 and 60 centimeters, and sometimes up to 1 meter. It has a deep taproot, down to 2 m in the soil, and many lateral secondary roots were exploring the upper layers (15-30 cm) of the soil. Several by-products of chickpea cultivation and processing are being used for animal feeding worldwide, including low-grade and culled chickpea, bran, crop residues (husks, straw), and chickpea hay. We are the leading supplier and exporter of best quality chickpea straw from Pakistan.




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