What are the top countries to produce and Export Mandarin? 

Mandarin Orange


Mandarin is a citrus variety that is loveable by millions of people. Mandarin usually is a winter fruit that comes with many benefits. From making breakfast fresh juice to be used in medicine and cosmetics. Mandarin orange fruit is a jack of all trade.


Improvement in the transportation system during trade has increased the compound rate of Mandarin orange up to 4.3%. Almost 80% of Mandarin orange crop is used to make juices and just 20% is eaten as a whole.  It possesses Vitamin C and many other nutrients including Calcium, Potassium, and Folacin. 


Mandarin is one of the most produced fruits in the world. Its export exponentially increases by up to 5% Every year. There are many countries that are competing in the market of Citrus fruit trade.


How do different countries Cultivate Mandarin?


Citrus fruit is grown all over the world. It is one of the most popular fruits in every country. Each region has a different specialty of citrus fruit. Mandarin Orange is one of the high yielding crops in the world. 


After Mandarin, there are other common types that include blood orange, musambi, sweet orange, etc. It is a perfect fruit to grow in subtropical and tropical countries. Even those regions which have minimum rainfall of 78cm can grow this fruit.


This is one of those fruits which can also grow in high humidity. You don’t have to be picky about the soil when cultivating Mandarin oranges. It grows on a wide range of soil including red sand, Alluvial and Sandy loam. 


Mandarin orange Production stats

In the last decade, the consumption of Mandarin orange has increased exponentially. Right now Its export worldwide is around 20 million tons, which is way more than any other citrus fruit. The main reason behind this production increase is that more people are interested in Mandarin trade now.


When we talk about the production of this amazing fruit then we cannot ignore the part of the Northern Hemisphere. Almost 70% of the total world Mandarin production comes from This region. 


Top Mandarin Producing and exporting countries



Mandarin is grown all over Brazil. Its major cities like Sao Paulo are hubs of Mandarin orchards. Brazil provides 30% of the total Mandarin supply. Right now, It is one of the biggest Mandarin orange exporters in the world.


United State of America (USA)


After Brazil, the USA comes in 2nd place to produce and export Mandarin oranges worldwide. It produces almost 12% of the total world. The state of Florida produces 70% of US mandarins. The USA is also one of the biggest orange juice manufacturers.



When we talk about agricultural products we can not neglect the role of China. It is the 3rd biggest Mandarin orange export country in the world. Right now, China is producing around 10% of the total world Mandarin oranges. 


Some Worth Mentioning names


After these three big-league names in Mandarin orange export, there are some other popular nominees.


  • Spain
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Egypt 
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Turkey 
  • Italy


Mandarin orange Production in Pakistan

Pakistan is also becoming one of the biggest names in Mandarin orange export. It is increasing mandarin production exponentially. In the last two years, Pakistan has increased its Mandarin production up to 155%.

Sargodha district produces 90%of Pakistan’s total Mandarin fruit. It also is the homeland of one of the biggest Mandarin exporters of Pakistan like Saremco International. So, if you are looking forward to importing Pakistani Mandarin you can visit our website and place an order online. 


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