Sesame Seeds


Sesame Seeds



Saremco International is among one of the largest groups which export agro-products in the international market. One of these products includes Sesame seeds. there are few legitimate sesame seeds exporters are in Pakistan and we are one of them.

Types of Sesame Seeds

There are two types of sesame seeds in which Saremco international is dealing with. Most sesame seeds suppliers don’t have both of these types but Saremco International does have them both. These types include

  • White Sesame Seeds
  • Black Sesame seeds

White Sesame

White Sesame (Safed Till) contains a different kind of Chemicals that helps to reduce inflammation and swelling on a wound. If you put it in a sweet recipe then they will slow down the process of sugar dissolving. This is a great technique to make food for diabetes patients. We get all information about its uses as being sesame seeds exporters.

White Sesame also helps you to eliminate bacteria that cause any kind of plaque. It has a high amount of calcium and it helps to treat any kind of rickets.

Black Sesame

(Kala Till) also known as the black sesame is one of the oldest ingredients to be used in medicine by mankind. Their oil is highly valued for cooking and other uses as well. It has many characteristics which will help you as an anti-ageing agent.

Saremco international is one of the biggest black sesame seeds exporters in Pakistan. We know its demand in the international market and how nowadays health-conscious people are using it in their cereals, baked snacks and other recipes.


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