Pakistan is one of the largest rice exporting countries in the world. Saremco International is emerging as one of the best rice exporters in Pakistan. Our goal is to become a top rice brand in Pakistan. Currently, we are dealing with small rice market place but eventually, we are going to increase our rice export.

To become the largest exporter of rice we are working hard. We have some extraordinary working ethics for rice exports. Pakistan is among the top rice-producing country and 3rd largest rice exporter. Pakistan super kernel basmati rice is loved all over the globe.

Export of Rice

We use different ways for rice exportation. For rice exports to work fluently we have a connection with all big shipping companies. We offer the best prices on US rice exports. We deal in the best basmati rice in the world. Being rice manufacturers we have to meet many standards.

Pakistan is known as rice exporting countries and we are among the biggest rice exporter in this region. We are among basmati rice exporters in Punjab. To become the best Pakistan rice export company we follow the full transparency policy regarding our work.

Shipment Process

Our Shipment process matches all the high standards. International Market is in search of a good basmati rice exporters in Pakistan, and we are the one. To become the biggest rice exporter in Pakistan we are modifying our policy on regular basis.

Because we have a connection with all the big shipping countries we give our customers the best Pakistan rice export prices. There is no denying that one day we will be the best rice exporters in Pakistan. So if you guys are looking forward to importing rice in Bulk from Pakistan contact Saremco international.

Best Quality Pakistani Rice Available for Export at Saremco International