Rhodes Grass Hay

Rhodes Grass Hay


Being a Rhodes straw exporters Pakistan Saremco international is trying its best to provide its customers with the best quality product. It is also known as Mombasa grass in Pakistan. We believe in serving the best to our customers and that is the only reason we are able to make a personal connection with our clients. Rhodes grass hay for horses is known as the best forage for horses. We also deal in Australian grass in pakistan.

We can use Rhodes grass for goats, cows and horse fodders. Being one of the largest Rhodes grass suppliers in Pakistan we never compromise the quality of our product. Road grass price in Pakistan is way less than other countries trading prices.

Rhodes Grass Hay from Saremco

Many organizations are dealing with the Rhodes waste export in Pakistan, but we are among those who always maintain  Rhodes grass export from Pakistan in different countries. We are among some of the pioneers who started Rhodes grass cultivation in Pakistan. We are the only company that deals with Korean grass price in Pakistan.

Rhodes Grass Hay is available at Saremco all year long. No matter what month it is or what quantity you require for trade Saremco international will provide you. This way you can get Rhodes grass in Pakistan from Saremco all year long. We provide Rhodes grass for horses.  We are introducing Korean grass in Pakistan. We have a different machine as fodder harvester in Pakistan. We are proud to say that we have the best rod grass farm. Never confuse it with road grass. 

Saremco Experience

So, we always trying to best our services for our clients. This way we are able to make some permanent clients in these past 16 years. Our aim is to grow Pakistan Rhodes Hay export in the international market.  We are also trying to increase Rhodes grass yield per acre in Pakistan with different methods. We are one of the leading animal feed companies in Pakistan. We are providing best 40 feet container price in Pakistan.

Now, you can get all information about the export of Rhodes straw at Saremco international. If you want to place an order that option will also be available on our website.

Premium quality Rhodes Grass Hay available at Saremco International.