Fresh Potatoes


Fresh Potatoes

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Pakistan is one of the most significant countries for Fresh Potatoes export and cultivation. There is no competition between Pakistan’s Potato in the international market. Saremco International is a top contender potato exporter in Pakistan for the last 16 years. Our potatoes are overpowering in different market sectors. We rule the Potato export market in Pakistan because of our potatoes great quality, bundling, and less cost.

SAREMCO INTERNATIONAL offers the best quality, natural and fresh potatoes with organic growth which is a widely sowed and harvested for human food. We are the main supplier, manufacturer and exporter of best quality Potato from Pakistan. As a leading exporter of Potatoes, we believe in providing high-quality Product in every nook and corner of the world

Saremco International Potatoes are of the best quality and smooth skin. Our Fresh Potatoes have regular Yellow and red skin with long and round mould shape. These are some things that made us one of the biggest suppliers of Potatoes In Pakistan

Saremco Potato Washing Process 

We are the one that introduced a water washing office in Pakistan and having advanced washers to export fresh potatoes. Today because of our potato neatness and look, Potato trades have expanded to radically big numbers.

Types Of Potatoes We offer

We generally deal in three different varieties of potato in Pakistan at Saremco International


Fresh Potatoes are available at Saremco International for bulk buy.

Product Specification:

Name Values
Product Name Potato
Scientific Name Solanum tuberosum
Type Vegetable
Varieties Mozika, Sante & Lady Rosetta
Place of Origin Pakistan
Seed Type Holland Seeds
Color Shiny light Yellow (Red for Lady Rosetta)
Maturity 99 – 100 %
Shape Elongated
Size Average 30 – 60mm
Shelf Life 3-4 weeks at room temp & 3-5 months in the refrigerator
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
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Brand Name
Saremco International
Product Name
Fresh Potatoes
USD 230
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