How can potato production be increased for Potato exporters?

Potato suppliers in Pakistan

Potato is one of the most exported vegetables in the world after onion. Potato exporters around the world are trying to find new ways to increase their trade in the international market. Exporters in Pakistan are also walking on the same path.

There are multiple varieties of Potato in Pakistan that are grown nation wise. There are some drawbacks that Pakistan is facing regarding the production of Potato. These crises include water shortage, uneducated farmers, and lack of new technology. These things are also affecting potato exporters in Pakistan.

Potato exporters usually depend on the farmers from whom they get their potato supplies. If a farmer can increase potato production by using new farming methods, it will automatically increase fresh potato export from Pakistan. 

If we talk about that What are the top 5 exports of potatoes?

  1. Mozika Potato
  2. Sante Potato 
  3. Lady Rosetta Potatoes
  4. Mozika Express
  5. Alverstone Russet

These are some of the varieties of Potato in Pakistan that largest Potato exporting companies are sending in the international market. If people ask that What country exports the most potatoes? Pakistan will be among top 20 lists of potato exporters.

The shortcoming in Potato Production

As we have discussed earlier that Pakistan is facing many shortcomings when it comes to increasing potato production. We know that the only minor changes in Potato cultivation can increase its volume per acre. 

Where in this article we are going to discuss all those valuable points through which Pakistan can increase its Potato production and can become one of the biggest exporters of potatoes in the world. 

  1. Proper water Supply

Potato is one of those vegetables that require a sufficient supply of water to grow. There are many areas of Punjab where water supply is insufficient to grow potatoes. It is one of the biggest challenges against potato exporters in Pakistan. 

Suppose the Government of Pakistan can arrange proper water supply to all rural areas. There are chances that more farmers can grow potatoes on their lands. Now they are sticking to those crops which do not require a lot of water supply. 

With Proper Supply of water, there are chances that potato export from Pakistan 2020 can be increased than previous years. 

2. Uneducated Farmers

Pakistani Farmers are still using all those methods to grow potatoes that they were using 70 years ago. In our neighbour, India is producing an almost double volume of Potato from per acre than us. It is another shortcoming that is stopping us from becoming the biggest exporters of potatoes in the world. 

If we provide our farmer with proper knowledge and tell him the new ways to increase potato production, it will be excellent. This simple step can increase Pakistan Potato production to a significant margin. It will help not only farmers but also potato exporters. This will help Pakistan to become the largest exporters of Potato globally.

3. Proper research institutes

Every developed country has some dedicated research institutes to increase their agricultural production. Right now, there is not a single proper research centre that is working on the research to increase potato production in Pakistan. 

If we dedicate a proper research centre for agriculture then there are chances that we can easily increase our Potato production. Those who want to export their Potato on their own can also learn the answer to this question: how to export Potato from Pakistan? From this institute.

4. Lack of new technology

New technologies have made a more significant impact on the worlds agricultural community. Now its time for Pakistan to do so. Instead of using old methods, we should implement new technologies for the cultivation of Potatoes

New technology will not only ease up the process of cultivation but also will help in the harvesting of potatoes as well with less damaged products. This way, potato exporters in Pakistan will get a top-quality product for trade.

5.  Fewer freight charges

For Potato exporters in Pakistan, freight charges are little higher than other countries. This increase the price of the overall product. Importer wants quality products, but they also want it at reasonable prices.

Suppose the Pakistani Government helps Potato exporters to reduce freight charges. It will help Pakistan to increase Potato export in 2020. 

So, these are some of the shortcomings that Pakistan is facing currently in Potato export. It is hoped that soon all these problems will be solved and we are going to emerge as worlds biggest exporters of potatoes. 

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