Potato Export by Different Countries And Their Figures

Potato Exporters

Potato is a Native American root vegetable. It is full of starch and nutrients. Potato is a family member of the nightshade family. It is one of the oldest grown vegetables in the world. It is grown almost in every country in the world. Pakistan does the world’s most premium quality potato exports. 

Pakistan is one of those countries which have premium quality Potatoes. This vegetable is grown and cultivated in many different areas of Punjab province. A long list of potato exporters in Pakistan get their supply from farmers and then export Potato worldwide. 

If you want to find out how to export Potato from Pakistan, you first have to learn about the dynamics of potato export from Pakistan 2020. Globally, Potato export is getting a hit from this COVID situation. But with time, Potato export is becoming routine.

Different Figures of World Wide

According to research in 2019, over US$4.44 billion export of Potato was done in the world by different countries. This export was done in Potato raw form. But including the frozen and french fries Potato, these figures cross the milestone of US$10 billion. 

Due to the recent COVID situation, these numbers have taken a great hit. In 2020 Potato export has declined over 20%. Raw Potato shipments have dropped to 16%, and the total value shipment is less than US$ 2 billion. On the other hand, the total prepared Potatoes shipment has declined to 18%. 

Raw Export of Potato by countries

According to figures, potato export to Russia in raw form has increased than any other country. Below we will mention 15 top raw potato shipping countries in the world with their total export figures. 

    • Netherlands: million$ US 793.9 (18.3% of the total exported raw potatoes)
    • France:million$ 652 (13.5%)
    • Germany: million$ 364 (7.6%)
    • China: million$ 243 (5.9%)
    • Canada: million$ 245 (5.6%)
    • United States: million$ 232.8 (5.2 %)
    • Egypt: million$ 205 (4.9%)
    • Iran: million$ 200 (4.5%)
    • Belgium: million$197 (4.3%)
    • Spain: million$143.7 (3.2%)
    • United Kingdom: million$ 132 (3.1%)
    • Pakistan: million$121 (2.8%)
    • Denmark: million$ 69 (1.4%)
    • Israel: million$ 60.4 (1.2%)
    • India: million $53 (1.2%)

These are some of the biggest potato exporters in the world. These top Potato exporting countries have one thing in common: they all try to grab a more significant part of the international Potato market. 

All these countries produced and exported 87% of raw potatoes in different regions of the world. In given countries, Pakistan has shown a drastic boost in its export. Potato export to Dubai from Pakistan has drastically increased in the last two years. Potato buyers in Dubai prefer Pakistani Potato over other countries’ potatoes. 

Being a hub of Pakistani Export, Dubai gets its supplies from potato exporters in Karachi. Lady rosetta potato price in Pakistan is way less than any other country. This Potato is the most commonly used Potato for French fries in the world.

Raw Potato Export by Saremco International

Saremco International has its name on the top of lady rosetta potato suppliers. We deal with significant Potato importing countries like Russia, Afghanistan, and UAE. Saremco Internation is giving new dimensions to the potato business in Pakistan.

We have satisfied customers in different Potato importing countries. Saremco International provide premium potatoes to our customers. The best thing about Saremco trade is that we deal with potato prices in Pakistan today. This way, potato importers can recheck from local markets that we are not charging them extra money. 

We are one of the Pioneers of potato export from Pakistan. Saremco international don’t compromise on their product quality and provide the customer with the best quality potatoes. Our Vision is that Pakistan makes its name in top Potato exporting countries.

In the past, our primary focus was to increase Pakistan exports to UAE. But, now we are targetting the whole globe. It will also help to decrease the rate of Potato in Pakistan. When Pakistan export increase, it will generate more value, and more people will cultivate Potatoes on their farms. Saremco has the Vision to take Pakistan Potato export to a new level. 


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