Most Asked Questions About Potatoes and its Export From Pakistan

Potato exporters in Pakistan

What is a Potato?

Potato is a root vegetable that is grown all over the world. It is native to America. This vegetable is a starchy tuber of the Solanum tuberosum plant, a member of the Solanaceae family.  It is available all year round.

Potato crop cultivated in a cool environment. You need a proper mild surface for them because they grow in the ground.  It is a starchy vegetable that is loved by everyone. Potato from Pakistan are of high quality and better in taste. 

Is a potato a vegetable or fruit?

Fruits are usually eaten because they have a high content of fiber in them. On the other hand, Potato is consumed to fulfill the starch need of your body. That’s why it doesn’t come in the fruit category, and it is an export quality vegetable. So, whenever someone asks you that in which category from fruit and vegetable is potato from your answer should be vegetable.

What are the main exports of Pakistan?

Pakistan is known for its agricultural products. It has a significant name in the international Export market of agricultural products. Every year from Karachi Pakistan exports a million tonnes of agricultural product to other countries, and these products include 
















other fresh vegetables etc


Recently Pakistan has emerged as one of the leading potato exporters in the world. 


Which country is the largest exporter of potatoes?

Potato is a vegetable that is cultivated in most parts of the world. There are many big names when it comes to Potatoe exporters like China, India, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Pakistan is also becoming one of the leading potato suppliers in the world. Right now, Pakistan  Potato exports over 4 million metric tonnes. This figure is increasing with every passing year. Pakistan emerging as one of the biggest exporters of food products. The world is demanding potato from Pakistan because of its quality and taste.

Which country imports the most potatoes from Pakistan?

Pakistan’s Potato has a significant value in the international market. Our Potato is one of the best quality in the world. Every year Pakistan exports 1.4 million tons of Potato in the international market. Pakistan exports Potatoes in many different regions and countries which include

  • Malaysia with a share of 6.46% (7.45 million US$)
  • Russia with a share of 5.91% (6.82 million US$)
  • Kuwait with a share of 2.97% (3.43 million US$)
  • Bahrain with a share of 2.33% (2.69 million US$)
  • Iraq with a share of 1.89% (2.19 million US$)

Potato exporters in Pakistan are trying to discover new ways to reach other parts of the world as well by fulfilling the buy requirements of consumers.

Where are potatoes exported from?

The export of Potatoes is very significant and covers a large part of the agricultural market. The list given below shows the actual number of top twenty countries that are potato producers and exporter according to Wikipedia

1 China 99,065,724
2 India 43,770,000
3 Russia 31,107,797
4 Ukraine 21,750,290
5 United States 19,990,950
6 Germany 10,772,100
7 Bangladesh 9,474,099
8 Poland 8,872,445
9 France 6,834,680
10 Netherlands 6,534,338
11 Belarus 5,985,810
12 United Kingdom 5,373,000
13 Iran 5,164,891
14 Egypt 5,029,022
15 Algeria 4,782,690
16 Turkey 4,750,000
17 Peru 4,400,295
18 Canada 4,324,110
19 Pakistan 4,000,361
20 Brazil 3,851,396


Pakistan Potato export currently is on 19th number but the Government is working day and night to increase our rank in the international market of Potato export. This way Pakistan can make its name in various wholesalers, markets around the world. Potato exporters in Pakistan are trying their best to increase this vegetable export. 

Do potatoes have any health benefits?

Potatoes from Pakistan’s growing farms are very healthy. Our supreme quality potatoes are very healthy Vegetables with different health benefits. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They have many other impressive health benefits, like controlling your blood sugar, higher your immunity, and reducing heart diseases. Potatoes from Pakistan possess all these characteristics. 

What is the total Potato export of Pakistan?

Last year the total figure for Pakistan Fresh potato export was over 4 million metric tonnes. This year Pakistan is going to increase its fresh Potato supply to 10%. This is an excellent opportunity for Potato exporters in Pakistan in 2020

How can I export in Pakistan?

This question involves three folds. First, you have to find the exporter, which offers you the best price Potato from Pakistan. Second, you have to know about their backgrounds and customer satisfaction rates. The third is that the exporter works on full transparency Policy. These things will help you find the best Potato exporters from Pakistan.  

Most exporters trade Potatoes in 10kg transparent bags. These are efficient and easy to carry. Pakistan trading companies usually export Potatoes in these 10 kg plastic mesh bags.


How many types of potatoes are in Pakistan?

Potatoes are broadly categorized into many different types. These types have different red-skinned and white-skinned potatoes. The most common round-shaped type of Potatoes is categorized into red-skinned.

There are three types of Pakistani potatoes that are consumed most.

  • Lady Rosetta Potatoes
  • Sante Potatoes
  • Mozika Potatoes


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