How can You Export Mangoes From Pakistan?

Mango Exporters

Mangoes are the royalty of fruits. It is available for just 3 months a year. It is one of those fruits which is loved by everyone. Pakistan’s Mango is one of the best quality mangoes that you can get anywhere. 

The main reason behind this fact is the weather condition in which they grow. Pakistan has one of the most ideal weather conditions to grow Mangoes. There are many different varieties of Mangoes that are grown in Pakistan. These varieties include Chaunsa mango, Langra mango, Dussehri Mango, and Anwar Ratool mango.

Pakistan is also one of the biggest exporters of mangoes in the world. There are many big names in this industry and Saremco International is one of them. We have almost 2 decades of experience in the Mango trade. 

Here are all the steps that you need to follow to export Mangoes from Pakistan by Saremco International.

Procedure to trade Mango 

Saremco international has experienced staff which will help you as a customer. We make sure that all the procedures of Shipment go smoothly. The following procedure is the one that you have to follow when going to make a Deal with Saremco International.


  1. First of all the customer has to place an inquiry with us on our website. This is an easy online procedure in which you can fill out the given form or just contact us on Whatsapp. 
  2. After placing an inquiry the customer has to agree on the given prices. The prices vary according to the country in which the customer wants to get mango delivered. 
  3. After agreeing to the price terms, the customer can ask for the sample if he/she wants to check the quality of the product. In this step, the company will ship a sample whose shipment has to be paid by the customer.
  4. After the satisfaction of the customer with the quality of mangoes, the company generates a proforma Invoice in his/her name.
  5. Then the Company issued a Phytosanitary License which shows that the Mango product is legitimate from Pakistan.
  6. In the same process, the bill of lading is also generated for the shipment and export.
  7. Now, after all the negotiation and payment term agreements, The mangoes go to the packing area of Saremco International. Here the mangoes are cleaned and washed properly. They are set aside to dry. Finally, they are packed in boxes of 10 Kg. 
  8. Then after that, the product is loaded to containers and the Shipment documents along with the Certificate of Origin are provided to the customer. 
  9. The last step will be to provide the customer with the type of shipment in which his / her order will be arriving. There are mostly two types of Shipments FCL and LCL. The shipment is according to the weight of the product. 


These are all the steps of the Mango export procedure that you guys have to look after when Exporting Pakistan’s Mango by Saremco International. This means that none of these steps can be skipped. Saremco International takes care of all the procedures on their client’s behalf.