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You should know that rice Export is the most significant export business in Pakistan. On the contrary, the Rice exporters in this country are well aware of this fact. One of the facts is that Pakistan holds the 5th  position of the fifth top rice-producing country and which also export in the foreign market.

The international rice market for Pakistani rice is unbelievable. Pakistan is one of those countries which cultivate rice at mass level and also export it worldwide. Just in the previous year, it exported over 2.1 billion tons of rice in the international market.

In 2020 rice export in Pakistan got a big hit due to the COVID-19 situation. But in Mid 2020, after unbanning rice export, the position is way better now. Saremco International has become one of the largest exporters of rice in Pakistan.

Last credentials of export

In previous years Pakistan is trying its best to increase its rice export in the international market. Each year Pakistan’s rice export is improving by 3%. But recently, Pakistan’s rice export got a hit from the current situation.

At the begging of Covid-19, Pakistan banned its export with other countries. But now, with time everything is resuming and coming to its original shape. Many different countries are accepting rice export orders to local companies.

Saremco International is one of those companies. We mainly deal with a different kind of rice. The best thing that you will get at Saremco is our customer service. We take care of every need and inquiry by our customers.

This helps us to maintain a link of trust between the individual customer and the organization. We are proud that we have loyal customers who have given us repeated orders. The best possible way to maintain brand loyalty for the customer is to provide extraordinary customer service, and Saremco is a master of that.

Exporting Rice in different countries

We have flourished as one of the best rice exporters in Pakistan. Our rice exporting methodologies are second to none. Being a rice exporter Our Company has to look after different facts.

The quality of Pakistani rice is so good and demanded all over Pakistan. Saremco International export all sorts of rice from Pakistan. For rice exportation, we use the most advanced methods and don’t compromise on rice quality.

Rice exports go through the proper precision process. Our 1121 rice price is better than many other rice suppliers in Pakistan. Unlike other parboiled rice suppliers, we give our customers a guarantee.

Our rice polish rate in Pakistan is way less than any other competitor. We also deal in 6 rice. We have to maintain this standard of quality because we want to become the biggest Pakistan rice export company.

Rice Packaging Process

Rice Packaging is very crucial. It is a grain, and it requires a special kind of packaging, so it does not spill during transportation. Also, during transport, we have to protect rice quality in Pakistan and the international market as well.

For example, we need better quality bags to put the super kernel. These bags should not have a fiber distance of 1mm. If the gap is too much, the rice will pour down from it. So, you require a special kind of bags to store and transport rice.

It would help if you got your packaging methods approved by a government organization known as Pakistan rice exporters association. Once they give you the green light, then you can start your shipping. Our Company follows all these protocols of Rice packaging.

Importance of Shipping Methodologies

Trading and Shipping of Rice in Pakistan is a crucial step of export. Our trading methodologies are very transparent and approved. We provide our consumers with the best possible customer services and shipment methods.

We have a connection with all the big shipping companies to give our customers the best rates possible. 1121 basmati rice price in Pakistan for trading is a little high right now, but with Saremco, you can get better grades.

No matter you want your export in LCL or FCL shipment. We provide both shipment methods. Our 16 years of expertise in Rice export is our biggest asset.


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