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Mandarin Orange

Pakistan is one of those countries which are known in the trade market because of its quality Pakistani Kinnow Recently, Fruit production in Pakistan is rising day by day. Keeping this thing in glance every day new exporters are emerging to increase other fruit production in Pakistan. Orange export from Pakistan is looking good these days.

So, if you are unaware of all the legal properties and paperwork then you should read this article till the end. People with little knowledge of Import and export thinks that they can start their trade business. Where the reality is totally different.

To start your agro-trade business you guys need a proper setup to start. You require experience to provide your customers with good services. So, to start orange export from Pakistan you require proper setup like Saremco International.

Saremco International Background

Saremco International is a sister company of Saremco group. The main focus of this organization is to increase Pakistan agro-trade in the international market. Citrus Pakistan holds a high rank in term of quality and taste.

Saremco International working to increase Pakistan Kinnow export from 16 years. We have the pioneers in Pakistani Kinnow industry. As we have mentioned before Pakistani Orange posses best grade quality and we specialize in its trades.

The Pakistan Kinnow export has seen a great leap after situation of COVID-19 this also enhance lemon cultivation in Pakistan. Mandarin kino is one of those delicacies of Pakistan which contain a natural source of Vitamin C. It is very effective to boost your immune system.

There are various citrus varieties in Pakistan are grown but, Our Kinnow orange demand is way more than any other variety of Orange. Keeping this thing in mind there are chances that Citrus production in Pakistan will also increase.

Kinnow orange processing plant at Saremco International

Saremco international has its own Mandarin farms of Sargodha. Sargodha Mandarin possesses the best taste than areas of Pakistan. 80% production of Pakistan Mandarin Orange comes just from Sargodha.

Saremco international gets its orange supply direct from its farm and then shift them to the processing plant. Here these oranges are categorizing according to their shape and sizes. The size of Kinnow and orange specify how many counts will fit in a box while packaging.

Then all these kinoos go through a cleaning chamber where they get a wash and all extra impurities get off from them. Then they move forward for Packaging.


Packaging Process By Saremco International

Mandarin kino Packaging process at Saremco gets to look after very carefully. After getting Mandarine from the processing plant they’re packing according to their sizes. Mandarines in Saremco get the pack in a cardboard box.

Each cardboard box ways around 10 KG. Counts in each box depending upon the size of Mandarine that gets packed in them. Usually, it ranges from 47 to 110 counts of orange per box. After that, the trading process starts for these boxes.

Trading Procedure By Saremco International

In this step, Saremco Personals start Kinnow export from Pakistan. Clients get all the information about their products and tell us their Orange size and quantity requirement. After getting all details we customize each container.

Before export, each Cardboard box stays in our warehouse where no light emitted on them. This way they stay fresh and doesn’t get spoiled. Saremco International ship their orange in reefer container. This container is specially designed to export agro-products.

This means that the customer will get their product to deliver under control temperature containers. This will minimize any chances of orange get spoil.


Shipment Process of Saremco International


Saremco Shipment process is second to none. We have a contract with all the biggest shipment companies. This way they help us to provide our customers with low shipping prices. We work with both LCL and FCL shipments. Before placing an order customer will tell us their requirements and then we ship our product to their ports.

So, this is the whole procedure of Orange export from Pakistan through Saremco International. We are among the largest Kinnow exporters in Pakistan who believes to provide the best product to our customers. If you are looking for a good Kinnow exporter from Pakistan then Saremco International is here to satisfy you every need.


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