Why Onion should be a basic part of our diet?


There is no doubt that vegetables possess many unique benefits regarding our health. Onion is one of those basic vegetables that we consume on daily basis. It is a member of the Allium genus plant that also includes other vegetables like garlic, shallots, chives, and leeks. All these vegetables are full of different vitamins, minerals, and potent plant compounds. 


Onion also possesses many medicinal properties. Many people use it in medicine since ancient times. It is the key ingredient in medicines that are taken to cure headaches, flu, heart diseases, and mouth sores. Onions are super-healthy, they are excellent sources of vitamin C, sulphuric compounds, flavonoids, and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals, or phytonutrients, are naturally occurring compounds in onions that can react with the human body to trigger and increase healthy reactions. Flavonoids are responsible for pigments in many Onions. Studies have shown that they may help reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and heart diseases as well.

Benefits of Eating onion on a daily basis


There are various benefits that we get when including onion in our daily diet plan. Some of them are mention below. 

The best source of Nutrients 

Onion contains a high amount of minerals and vitamins and a low amount of calories. This means that onions are nutrient-dense. One regular size onion has a high amount of minerals, fibers, and vitamins, and just 44 calories. 

To boost your immune system it has a huge amount of Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C is responsible to regulate your immune health, increase collagen production, and help in tissue repair after injury. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps your body against unstable molecules and free radicals. 

Onions help to decrease cholesterol levels

According to a recent study, Consuming a large size onion daily can help you to control your cholesterol level. If you continue this process for 8 weeks, it will reduce your LDL cholesterol (a.k.a bad cholesterol). So, onion helps in reducing bad cholesterol.

This means eating a large onion on daily basis can reduce the chances of getting heart disease to a minimum. Other than heart disease it also protects you from other illness that comes with Cholestrol like including inflammation, high triglyceride levels, and blood clot formation. 

 Protect you against Cancer

Eating vegetables that belong to the allium genus family can help you against cancer. This means Eating onion can help you against those molecules which become a cause of Cancer.  Mostly Onion protects you against stomach and colorectal cancer. 

According to a  review of 26 studies shows that people who eat the highest amount of allium vegetables (Onions, Garlic, and leeks) are 22 times less likely to diagnose stomach cancer than others.

Tips to add Onion into your diet 

Here are some tips on how to add onions to your diet:

  • Utilize raw onions to add a kick of flavor to your guacamole. 
  • Add caramelize onions to flavorful bake foods. 
  • Mix cook onions with different vegetables.
  • Add cook onions to egg dishes, for example, omelettes, frittatas or quiches. 
  • Top meat, chicken, or tofu with sauteing onions. 
  • Cut red onions to your preference plate of mix greens. 
  • Make a fiber-rich plate of mix salad with chickpeas, onions, and red peppers.
  • Use onion and garlic as a base for stocks and soups. 
  • Toss onions into pan sear dishes. 
  • Top tacos, fajitas, and other Mexican dishes with slash raw onions. 
  • Make salsa with onions, tomatoes, and new cilantro. 
  • Make onion and vegetable soup. 
  • Add onions to bean stew plans for flavor support. 

Onion Exporters in Pakistan

Saremco International is the pioneer of exporting onions from Pakistan. We started our journey in 2004 and are now one of the most renown Exporters of  Onion from Pakistan. We export approximately 6000 tons per annum that are almost about 200 containers. All containers are of 40 ft refrigerated per annum. 

Onion export

The quality of onions in Pakistan with its bright red color and long shelf life is expected No.1 in the world. Saremco International deals with its customers the best onions from the farms of our 400-acre farms. The crop of onion starts from the start of July and ends in September mid. Saremco International mostly exports their onions to countries of Asia specifically. Other than them we also  Trade in Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar. 

We have three qualities or sorting of Onion. The first is the Premium which is around 55mm and higher in size, It the best quality onion exported to Malaysia and over the Middle East from Saremco International. The second type is from 45mm to 55mm high. This onion is exported to Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Srilanka. Last but not least, the third Quality of Saremco International onion is 35-45mm and it is also exported in Bangladesh, Srilanka, and sometimes Malaysia.

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