A Big Market Gap for onion suppliers in Pakistan After a ban by India.

Onion export from Pakistan

Onion is one of the most exported vegetables from Asia. Total 60% of Asia onion supply is exported to the international market by India. But due to the recent ban on onion trade by India, a big market gap has presented an opportunity for onion suppliers in Pakistan.


Pakistan is among one of those countries in this region which has a name in Onion export. There are many big names when it comes to red onion suppliers in Pakistan. Saremco International is one of those big names. 


Red onion demand is off the chart after Indian ban. It means that the international market is looking toward Pakistan and China to fill this demand and supply chain gap. Now, this is an excellent opportunity for many red onion suppliers in Pakistan to increase its consumer list. 


Onion export from Pakistan is now on its peak. Pakistan is getting order even from Bangladesh. In the past, Pakistan onion export with Bangladesh was on halt. All those countries which were hoping to get Onion from India are demanding their onion supply from Pakistan. 


Onion Trade ban in India

India has banned its export of Onion in the international market to further government notice. It means the export of all kind of Onions, including shallots, is forbidden. This statement was given by DGTF (Director General of Foreign Trade) India.


The main reason behind this ban other than COVID-19 is that some of the Onion growing regions have faced a great loss due to recent floods. This has created a shortage of Onion at Domestic level. Onion prices in India are sky-high. 


In this challenging time, the Indian Government has decided to stop its onion export from meeting demand domestically. Being the largest exporter of onions in the world, India has taken a tremendous economic hit due to this decision.


Even onion powder suppliers are cannot export in the international market. Everything is being used to meet national demand. It is an excellent initiative by the India government.


Pakistan Onion Export Figures


In the past, Pakistan onion export figures have never been impressive. In 2019 Pakistan export 2 million matric Tons of Onion worth 69$ million. But as the opportunity present itself, there are chances that now Pakistan can become the largest exporter of Onion in the world.


It means that all the revenue that India get in past years through Onion export can now be in Pakistan’s pocket. Now, if Pakistan plays its card right and enables itself to produce more volume of onions than in past years. There are chances that the international market gives us a big chunk of Onion export.


How Saremco International can play its Part as onion suppliers in Pakistan

Saremco Internationa is one of the largest red onion suppliers in Pakistan. We have been in this business for over 16 years. Our expertise in the Onion trade is our most significant edge over our competitors. We believe in serving the best product to our clients.


Saremco International Specializes in the trade of Red Onion. Being an onion supplier in Pakistan, we never compromise on the quality of our product. We try to give our customers transparent services, so they know about every detail of trade.


Saremco International Onion Packaging


Saremco International Onion Packaging has always been Top-notch. Our safety measures are second to none, and we are still trying to improve. Right now we export Onion worldwide in Plastic mesh bags.


The standard weight of this Onion plastic mesh bags are 10Kg, 20 Kg and 50 Kg. But if customer demand for any other type of packing is available as well. Our Onion is fresh and load for transportation in such a way that nothing spoil.


Saremco International Onion Trade


Saremco international trade onion worldwide. Right now our primary market for onion export is UAE, Malaysia, Russia and European countries. But with this opportunity in hand, we are trying our best to reach other countries with Pakistan supreme quality red onion as well. 


Our main goal is to make a mark in the international trade market. We always fulfil our orders on time without any delay. Our whole trade process is done under the supervision of highly trained Personals.


So, if you guys are looking for a right onion supplier in Pakistan, then SAREMCO INTERNATIONAL Should be your number one choice. For more information, you can visit our website or contact our sale personals. 


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