How to make Successful Mandarin Trade With Saremco?

Mandarin Orange

Saremco provides the customer with all details on their website. Still, if a customer requires more information it can deliver to them through the sales department of the company. We are known to provide the best Mandarin Oranges in Pakistan.

Down below we have given all the possible steps which Saremco International and customer requirements to fulfill for a successful trade.

 STEP 1 (Place an inquiry)

First of all, a customer has to give us details about what he\she is looking for. Then our company will contact them. This is a step where customers and Saremco mostly talk about the rate of mandarin. If You have a big order there are chances that we will negotiate price terms with you.


STEP 2 (Sample of Product) OPTIONAL

After that, you can even ask us to provide you with a sample of mandarin for your satisfaction. It is not always the case but our company does provide this option. This practice is very beneficial in the trade business. We send you a sample mandarin in which shipment is paid by the customer.


STEP 3 (Performa Invoice)

After that, the company gives you the final Quotation in the form of a Proforma invoice with their best FOP rates. 


STEP 4 (Providing Phyto Sanitary License)


Now comes the step to manage the order of the customer. Here we provide customers with Phyto Sanitary License. This has all the certify details of mandarin. We also provide customers with a possible delivery duration as well. 


STEP 5 (Bill of lading)

Then Saremco provides the B/L (Bill of lading) for conducting further procedures of the trade. Once all the things are given by our side, you have to negotiate on payment terms for the Export.


STEP 6 (Payment Terms)


These terms include three methods L/C (Letter of credit), and TT (Telegraphic transfer). After that, we provide the customer with DP (Document against payment). This will generate the Invoice from Company to Customer.

STEP 7 (Packing List)

Packing is a big part of Mandarin orange export. We take care of this step a lot. Providing customers with the best possible packaging is one of the best services by our Company.  

In this step, we provide the customer with all the packing details possible. There are different steps that are involve in the Packing list.

Cleaning and Hygiene

 Before mandarins pack in a clean environment. As we all know, during the situation of COVID-19 people are more concern about what they touch and eat. For Mandarin export, maintaining proper hygiene is the first priority of our company. All the cleaning SOPs are followed properly.  

Packaging Size

At this step, the customer is asked what size of packaging they require. We have a standard packaging size and that is a 10KG box. The 10 KG mandarin boxes are then sort according to the size of a mandarin.

 Mandarin Counts in Each Package

 Mandarin comes in different sizes. So, the count range of each 10Kg box is different. The normal count range of Mandarin that we offer in a box is 48/ 54/ 60/ 66/ 72/ 80/ 90/100/ 110. Customers can order big size mandarins or small size Mandarin Orange according to their requirement. 

Customize Packaging

 We also have the option to Customize the packaging of mandarin. In this option, a customer can customize the packaging boxes of Mandarin. You can even get them to personalize.


STEP 8 (Certificate of Origin and Shipping Documents)

 In this step, Our Company provides customers with a certificate of origin. This means that the company is selling original verified products to customers. This certificate is a stamp of a surety that what Saremco is selling is the legitimate product of Pakistan. 

 Then the client needs a copy of shipping documents as well. These documents are proof that the Company will dispatch customer Mandarin Orange order from which port at what time. Because Mandarin is an Agro product the best shipment process is in Reefer Containers. 

 This container has a controlled temperature which helps mandarins to stay fresh during the transfer duration. In most Agricultural trade this container is preferred. This provides Guarantee safe delivery of Mandarins to customers. 

Step 9 (Types of Shipments)

Last but not least, the Customer’s mandarin order selects the types of shipment. It is up to the order that shipment will be held in LCL or FCL shipment. If the volume of Mandarin order is around 28 tons it will be FCL (Full container load) Shipment.

 Less volume will be shipped through LCL (Less than a container load) Shipment. In this shipment, your order will be delivered in a shared container. This shipment costs a little bit more than the FCL Container.


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