How to Export Potatoes From Pakistan?

Potato exporters in Pakistan

Potatoes is one of the highest yielding crops in Pakistan. Pakistan is known to produce one of the best quality Potatoes in the world. Right now is in the 19th position of Potato export in the world but numbers are increasing rapidly.

Pakistan offers many varieties of Potatoes. This means that the importers have a variety to choose from. In this article, we are going to provide all the know-how about the procedure in which you can export Potatoes from Pakistan.

The Redundant key for Potato Exporting

For this, you have to go through a procedure that you have to follow to becoming a Potato exporter in Pakistan. All these steps include authorization from Pakistan government authority for the trade of Potato.

  • Get your company license and registeration for Exporting and Importing of Potato.
  • Then you will have to get your national Tax number
  • Sales tax number of your company is require.
  • Then you have to enlist your company in both relevant trade associations and Chamber of Commerce Pakistan.
  • You will require the Promotion Bureau of Export permission.

Although, Pakistan has specific trade permission to different countries. It is not possible to export Potatoes to those countries where Pakistan do not allow to export like in India. All the documents should be ready before the shipment and comply with requirements.

However, These documents will include a document for the delivery through the port, All types of compliances are satisfy through this process. The documents should be complete carefully to stay away from any kind of mistune.

You will also require some custom documents like One-time registration and export license. These are the documents requirements during the clearance of your container at the port. 

Registration for Potato Export

When you are exporting Potatoes you have to require a one-time export registration with the relevant countries. Potato is a legal item for export so, getting this license will be enough. Therefore, For other items that come in the illegal category, a different license is require. It depends upon the policies of the Exporting country.

Exporting of  Potatoes takes place in Custom Procedure?

This will provide you all the information about the customs procedure for Potato export. Therefore, before the movement of export, the exporter requires a Packing list, Invoice cum, and other export documents for the export country.

The documentation is completed digitally and then the custom cargo moved to a custom location where all the operating carriers take place.  

Custom documents that are required

Down Below are all the required documents for Exporting Potato to an international country from Pakistan.

  • Customs Entry document
  • Customs bond
  • Legal Undertaking (LUT)
  • Customs declarations wherever applicable
  • Export Licence if applicable
  • Purchase order or Letter of Credit
  • Commercial Invoice cum packing list
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Certificates of Inspection if applicable
  • ATA CARNET/Temporary shipment certificate
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • Weight Certificate
  • Consular Invoice


So, these are all the required information about Potato export from Pakistan. Exporters of Potatoes like Saremco international have years of experience in this field so they know about all these steps. Although, If you place an order with companies like us the exporting procedure of Potatoes goes way smoother and efficiently.


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