How to Export Alfalfa Hay from Pakistan?

Alfalfa Hay in Pakistan

When we talk about animal feed you cannot simply ignore alfalfa hay from it. It is one of those animal feeds that provide your farm animal with a decent amount of proteins and Minerals. It is one of the significant animal fodder grown in Pakistan. 

Alfalfa hay is one of those crops that you can sow in both spring and winter. It is better that you sow this crop on soil that has a PH level of 6.9 to 7.6. To grow a good crop of alfalfa hay you guys need to provide it with a decent amount of Phosphorus and Potassium.

Therefore, It has a little sensitive side to saltwater, but Pakistani soil is perfect to grow this hay. Our climate supports the production of this crop at a mass level. To get a quality alfalfa hay crop the farmer needs to assess the climate. 

Just in 2010, this crop was grown on over 74,000,000 acres worldwide. America is one of the biggest producers of this hay and now Pakistan is also making its name in the international market. Pakistan is trying to provide one of the best quality hay. Many exporters in Pakistan are looking forward to gaining their way in Alfalfa hay in Pakistan for the international trade market.

Alfalfa Hay

Saremco International is among one of the Pioneer Companies that grow and trade this hay worldwide. They grow over 200 acres of land and cultivate it with proper measures. In one year Saremco International Sowed their Alfalfa hay almost 8 times.

Although, This shows how much attention they give to their crop. If you are looking for great quality hay to import from Pakistan then Saremco is the company to go with.

Procedure for Export

First Step

First of all the customer has to place an inquiry with us on our website. This is an easy online procedure in which you can fill out the given form or just contact us on Whatsapp.  After placing an inquiry the customer has to agree on the given prices. The prices vary according to the country in which the customer wants to get it delivered. 

However, After agreeing to the price terms, the customer can ask for the sample if he/she wants to check the quality of the product. In this step, the company will ship a sample whose shipment has to be paid by the customer.

Step 2

After the satisfaction of the customer with the quality of alfalfa hay, the company generates a proforma Invoice in his/her name. Then the Company issued a Phytosanitary License which shows that the product is legitimate from Pakistan.

In the same process, the bill of lading is also generated for the shipment and export. Now, after all the negotiation and payment term agreements, The hay goes to the packing area of Saremco International. Here the alfalfa hay set aside to dry. Finally, they are packed in the form of pressed bales

Step 3

Then after that, the product is loaded into containers and the Shipment documents along with the Certificate of Origin are provided to the customer.  The last step will be to provide the customer with the type of shipment in which his / her shipment will be arriving. There are mostly two types of Shipments FCL and LCL. The shipment is according to the weight of the product. 



These are the standard procedure that is followed by alfalfa Hay exporters in Pakistan. Saremco International try to provide their customers with the best transparent services. We are among one the pioneers that exports alfalfa hay from Pakistan. Our biggest asset is our 16-year experience in the export business. None of our customers has pointed out any negative points about our trade service.