Covering all Aptitudes of Mandarin Orange

FAQ Kinnow Sangtra

Mandarin is one of those types of citrus fruits which change their flavour and taste according to region. It has different benefits and aspects.  Mandarin oranges came from a sub-tropical tree named Rutaceae.Therfore, It is a winter fruit also known as citrus reticulata

In Chinese culture, this tree is associated with luck and good fortune. It is used all over the world because of the extra juice content that it has. In many countries, people use mandarin juice as a permanent part of their breakfast meal.

History of Mandarin

Mandarin is native to Asia and then this sub-tropical tree was cultivated in other regions as well. In South Asia, the Philippines is one of the biggest hubs of this ancient tree. With time this tree has gone through different changes and produced many hybrid varieties. Tangerine is one of those mandarin varieties and has no seeds with a mild sweet taste.

However, In West mandarin was introduced at the start of the nineteenth century. Before that, the West didn’t have this variety of Citrus fruit. In Europe, two types of mandarins were brought from China city Canton. 

In 1805 This delicacy was introduced in Europe and after that, it travelled to the Mediterranean region in the late 19th Century. Middle of the same Century, this fruit was established in Italy. From here this fruit is exported to the United state between the decade of 1840 and 1850. 


After that, there was nothing that could stop the spreading of this wonderful fruit. Countries start exporting Mandarins and now it is eaten all over the world. 

How can you distinguish Mandarin from other Citrus fruits?

Mandarin orange comes from a sub-tropical tree that has woody shrubs. These shrubs are almost 5 meters in height and 10 meters in the width of their branches. There are some regions like Spain and Egypt where this tree can also grow up to 10 meters.


Its bark is way thicker than any other citrus fruit and mostly has yellow-brownish colour. The twigs on this tree have various colours, the old ones become dark and the younger ones remain dark green. Its green leaves are in measurement across the aptitude of 3 cm. 


This tree also produces white flowers About 2 cm that has 5-7 petals.  The fruit bloom through these flowers and have bright and shiny skin. It is oblate in shape and its colours vary according to the region. In many regions, you can find green skin mandarins and in others, it has yellow skin. 


Mandarins have very light and thin skin which is way easier to peel than any other citrus. It comes in the sizes that vary from 6 to 10 cm. All Mandarin fruits despite their size have 10 to 16 wedges in them. 

How Mandarin is used all over the globe?

Mandarin is used in various ways throughout the world. It has different benefits and all of them applied in different ways. 

As a Food

Whenever, One of the primary uses of Mandarin oranges is to use it as food. It possesses a good source of Vitamins and minerals. You can make juice out of it or you can simply eat its wedges. There are many food recipes in which you can use it as the main ingredient like orange chicken. 

In medicines

It is used in the medical field for ages now. It is used in the art of aromatherapy. Although, Mandarin is also used to cure Insomnia and stomach problems. Every part of Mandarin orange is now being used in the medical field to make different medicines. 

Many other uses

Subsequently, it also posses many other benefits that include:

  • Making perfumes
  • As good luck in Chinese culture
  • Given as a gift
  • Used as a floral compound.