2020 Creates Good Business Opportunity For Orange Exporters in Pakistan.

Orange exporters in Pakistan

2020 has presented an excellent opportunity for Mandarin orange exporters in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Government is not only intent on increasing the export of mandarin but, also increasing its production. The steps have been taken by the Federal Government of PTI (Pakistan Tahreeq -e-Insaf).  Ansar Majeed Niazi (Provincial Minister for Human resources and Development) state this in a press conference.

According to his statement, the PTI government is taking practical steps to construct a new Citrus fruit research centre. At this centre, agricultural experts from all around the globe.

New Facilities for Farmers

According to Ansar Majeed statement, PTI  Government is committed to providing facilities. They are looking after for welfare of orange cultivators and Sangtra exporters of the area. They were adding that ministers of Food and Agriculture would soon visit the Mandarine producing areas.

According to the latest addressing of the provincial Minister in Kinnow Mela at Tehsil Momin, Sargodha is the largest producer of Kinnow in Pakistan. Almost 90% of the Mandarine orange production of Pakistan comes from Sargodha. This year it estimates is that Sargodha will produce 2 million Tonnes of Pakistani kinnow orange. 

Pakistan Orange Export

Orange Exporter in Pakistan

The export of Kinnow in Pakistan will start soon and, this year’s target is to export over 300,000 matric tones of oranges. It is a great business opportunity for orange exporters in Pakistan

During this year, different Paksiatni firms were trying to produce over 2.2 million tons of Kinnow. From this lot, 20% will be exported worldwide. As the centre of production, Punjab will grow 85% of the country’s citrus fruit production in different citrus varieties in Pakistan. 

According to orange exporters in Pakistan, they are hoping to earn record revenue this year. According to them, there is stiff competition in the Russian market. This year they will also increase Pakistan’s orange trade to Russia.

Kinnow Orange markets in Europe will offer a better price for Pakistani Mandarin orange compare to other markets. It will give us a chance to increase the 50% Mandarin orange export in Europe. According to new stats, Pakistan kinnow will export around 90,000 tons to Iran this year. This is a great opportunity for Mandarin kinnow orange exporters in Pakistan.


Saremco International Part in this Situation

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Saremco Mandarin Orange

Pakistani Kinnow is our Showcase product that we export all over the world. We aim to ship over 5000 tons of Citrus fruits this year in the international market. We have a long list of customer satisfaction remarks. In conclusion,  if you are looking for good quality orange exporters in Pakistan. Therefore, Saremco should be your No.1 Choice. 


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