Rhode grass hay


Saremco International is working with farmers’ community producing and exporting rhodes grass hay from Pakistan. Pakistan’s fertile soil and land, and dry climate are the best suitable for rhodes grass hay production. Our rhodes grass hay farming family is producing up to 1,500 m ton per month.

  • Use

Rhodes grass hay is an excellent source of protein and fiber. Rhodes grass hay has higher protein and mineral proportions among different grass hays. Rhodes grass is used for horses, dairy cows, beef cattle, and other livestocks.

  • General specification
    • Type: Rhodes grass hay
    • Use: Cattle feed (Animal consumption)
    • Moisture: 12% or less
    • Crude protein: 10-12%
    • Aflatoxin: 25 ppb max.
    • Color: Natural green
    • Origin: Pakistan
    • Packaging: 35-40kg bales/ 300-350kg bales/ Any packaging style possible according to customer request
    • Load quantity: 18-20 m ton in each 1*40 fcl.
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