Our Competitiveness

SAREMCO International is a leader of farmer communities in Pakistan and educates farmers at grass root level for the innovative and profitable farming. We are grower, manufacturer, exporter & supplier of cattle feeds in forage products such as rhodes grass hay, bio mass, wood saw dust, corn silage, straw products, straw hays, grains and general trade services.
We deal with all kinds of agro by-products. Our commitment to operational expertise also manifests itself in our application of advanced technology, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. SAREMCO International has built its business by keeping an eye on the changing demands in the market. We have a massive network across the globe serving last many years FAO-UNO. We provide quality and reliable products in global market. We are committed to fulfill long-established promises to its customer and meet our commitments in the rapidly changing complex global market. We guarantee that our customers always receive reliable, friendly service, on-time delivery and consistently superior products.
With strategically-based port facilities in the Karachi Sea port, we ship orders of all sizes and destinations quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated staffs make sure that all steps, from traceability and inventory management to processing and transportation, are done specifically to fill customers’ needs.

Vision and Value


Serving reasonable and safe food for global community

  • Quality: Quality product, producing quality product and controlling the quality of product
  • People: Working with people, educating farmers and workers in Pakistan
  • Green: Environmentally friendly production
  • Open: Open to opportunities to serve global community