Direct farms management

We think how to deliver best quality product in the most competitive price. Thus, we made a direct investment partnership with farms including Durrani farm. We invest to the farms, educate farmers and farming labours, and supply machines. Our efforts results in international-level of quality with the most competitive price. We are expanding our partnership with farms based on SAREMCO group’s network for your satisfaction.


Farming for international market is new challenge for local Pakistani farmers. Thus, support is needed. We invest to farms having potential. This makes us to guarantee the most competitive price to our customers.

We dispatch site managers to guide farmers and assure quality. Guidance is needed for Pakistani local farmers to make them understand international quality requirement. As our buisness grow, the more local Pakistani farmers competitive and educated.

We find and supply proper machines, fertilizers, and seeds to farmers to assure quality. To meet different requirements by countries, we customize needed machine(according to packing style), fertilizers(according to required nutrition), and seeds(according to required type of product) and supply to farmers.